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Milt Beychok
12-29-2007, 09:28 PM
Parallel plate oil-water separators are quite similar to API oil-water separators. They include tilted parallel plate assemblies (also known as parallel packs). The underside of each parallel plate provides more surface for suspended oil droplets to coalesce into larger globules. Any sediment slides down the topside of each parallel plate. Such separators still depend upon the specific gravity between the suspended oil and the water. However, the parallel plates enhance the degree of oil-water separation. The result is that a parallel plate oil-water separator requires significantly less space than a conventional API oil-water separator to achieve the same degree of separation.

As with the API oil-water separator, the effluent wastewater from the parallel plate oil-water separator is very often sent to a dissolved air flotation unit for adional removal of any residual oil and then subsequently sent through some type of biological treatment unit for removal of undesirable dissolved chemical compounds.

Below is a schematic diagram of a parallel plate oil-water separator:

http://www.air-dispersion.com/Parallel Plate Separator.png

(This is an excerpt from an article which I created in the online Citizendium (http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/API_oil-water_separator) and the schematic diagram was also created by me.)

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Thanks for sharing the picture. I also have a Flow diagram about oil-water separators to showing too.

02-29-2012, 06:13 AM
Oil and water separators are remediation devices that separate oil from water and/or wastewater. This product area includes both aboveground and underground systems for the containment and treatment of oil-contaminated water. Oil and water separators also include smaller, filtration-type devices that treat wastewater produced by large, oil-lubricated equipment such as compressors.

oil water separators (http://www.drizit.co.za/oil_water_separators_cps.php)